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You know that feeling, when you’re at a party and you meet some random person who’s about as distantly connected to everyone else as you are? You get talking and next thing you know, a pedestrian evening has been changed into an unforgettable adventure!

Well, our new friend is a lot like that. They are all about discovering and sharing hidden gems, so you can experience all the weird and wonderful things sprinkled around this fantastic place we call, The Bay Area.

In their own (slightly over-the-top) words, they’re “as excited and awestruck as the tech-boom blow-in and wise as the lifelong local. We know that, if you know where to look, you can have just as much fun in Walnut Creek as you can in the Mission. And we know that while you’re working to make the world a friendlier place or riding on the cusp of the next big thing, you still need to know how to have fun. is a place to teach ourselves about ourselves, and create a community that shares ideas, festivals, wine country, bars, eats, apps and things to do.”

Just like us, they offer a community, of sorts, and we’d like to invite you to JOIN IN THE FUN, just like we did.


The VinoVisit Team

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