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Every wine lover knows that all tasting events are not created equal. Furthermore, finding a wine and food pairing experience that leaves your highest expectations in the dust can be life changing. On that note, let me introduce you to Masters Winemaker Dinner Series – Presented by The Meritage Resort and Spa.

Get up close and personal with some of the best winemakers in all of wine country in an intimate Estate Cave dinner setting while experiencing gourmet food selections from the brilliant hands of The Meritage culinary team. The wow factor of the beautiful venue, spectacular food, and unparalleled winemaker line up is unlike any other I have ever seen.

Located just off of highway 29, near the main corridor of the Napa Valley (Map), The Meritage is one of the most beautiful and accessible locations to get to from any part of the Bay Area or Napa. So, come one, come all to this extravagant wine and food pairing fit for a king.

The Experience

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Your evening begins with a short walk to the elevated picturesque vineyard deck. A glass of the featured winemaker’s wine, being perfectly paired with small bites, awaits you as you bask in the vineyards and gaze at  the Napa Valley landscape. This is one of those times when taking a selfie overlooking the view is  not an option, it is a must!

Not only do your senses of taste and smell get peaked as you savor hors d’oeuvres made to pair perfectly with the wine, but various musical artists from around the valley set the tone of the evening with their enchanted melodies that help frame the moment perfectly.

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The laid back environment is simply perfect. Feel free to mingle with the winemaker sipping with you on the terrace, meet new friends, or enjoy the romance with your significant other. There is a little bit of everything for everyone. After only a few minutes, you already know that this was the right choice.

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The Estate Cave

After getting lost in the Napa sunset, time melts away and it is now time to make your way down a rolling path into the Estate Cave for the main attraction, the food and wine pairing.

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The feeling of walking into the cave is breathtaking. An extensively long and meticulously set table awaits you. The excited energy of your dining companions fills the cool cave air. A wine table, featuring all of the jaw-dropping wines that will ignite the food, is used as a backdrop and to foreshadow the excellence that awaits your palate.

After a small introduction to the evening, your hosts launch into an extravagant 6 course tasting menu. Each course has had painstaking effort placed on enhancing both the food and the wine.

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You close your eyes and breathe in the bouquet of the wine, take your first bite of food, and  then you sip the paired wine. You must have died and gone to heaven because your senses tell you that you are eating something otherworldly. Every bite and sip you take pushes you one step further from reality and one step closer to ecstasy.

Course by course, wine by wine, the pleasure keeps coming until all six courses have been enjoyed. You stop and think, “Could this be any more perfect”? But wait, there’s more! Now you have the chance to buy the wine you just fell in love with. One of the top-notch hospitality professionals on hand will personally assist you with placing your order. So the answer is, yes, the experience can get better because you can take part of your experience back to your part of the world and share it with others or simply enjoy it yourself.

Looking Back

The Masters Winemaker Dinner Series is one of the best food and wine journeys I have ever taken. I normally recommend that you leave expectations at the door when attending an event as to ensure you don’t leave feeling disappointed, but that is not the case here. Bring your highest expectation knowing that it will be surpassed. Run, don’t walk, to your computer and book one of these unforgettable events now!

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