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Best spots to enjoy the rainy season in wine country:

Another harvest season is coming to a close. The vines have traded their lush summer emerald for the flashing ambers and yellows of autumn. The rush of harvest tourism begins to slow slightly as a soft chill grips the air. And most importantly, the new winter brings multiple layers of low hanging clouds to refill the water coffers.

Many don’t realize how breathtaking Sonoma and Napa can be during the rainy season. The clouds swirl and froth like you’re looking up at the surface of the ocean from underneath. The air is heavy with petrichor and wet oak. Traffic is a little lighter and wineries hide special treats under their tasting bars for those willing to make the trip.

Here are a few of our favorite spots to cozy up to a flight and enjoy the serenity of the rainy season in wine country:

Kieu Hoang Winery

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An idyllic little oasis in tucked into the hills of Carneros boasting one of the best porches in all of wine country. Breathtaking vineyard views and rich, hearty Cabernets are a great way to take in the beauty of fall in Napa Valley.

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Landmark Vineyards

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Landmark’s mission style Tasting Room is located on the corner of Highway 12 and Adobe Canyon Road in Kenwood. Cozy up to the fire and try some of their amazing new releases.

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Pine Ridge Vineyards

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Pet friendly and located right off of the famed Silverado Trail. Stop in to explore the damp caves and try their estate tasting, boasting expertly crafted wines from some of Napa’s most famous sub appellations.

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Gary Farrell Winery

Situated on a ridge overlooking the idyllic Russian River Valley, this appointment only property is one of the best places to catch some zen in Sonoma. The stunning views are made all the more spectacular by their legendary Pinot Noirs.

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Fritz Underground Winery

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Still family owned and operated after over 30 years, Fritz is a completely subterranean winery dug into the hills of Dry Creek Valley producing unbelievable estate wines. They were also pioneers of sustainability in the 70s, and remain so to this day. Even the water you drink in the tasting room comes from their natural spring!

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