An Unparalleled Pairing.

An Unparalleled Pairing.

Situated on a hilltop off of Napa Valley’s famed Silverado Trail, Signorello Estate boasts an almost regal presence. Upon arrival, a friendly voice opens the towering gate presenting a long, tree-lined driveway that looks as though it was plucked right out of the Tuscan countryside. Up at the winery a glistening infinity pool pours endlessly into the valley, overlooking acre upon acre of lush vineyards dotted with winery rooftops and rustling olive trees.

This reservation only winery has always been known for its amazing small production estate grown wines, but what many don’t know is that it also boasts one of the most amazing wine & food experiences you can find in Napa Valley.

Recently the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carey Sweet decided to indulge in one of the experiences and wrote a great piece about it here.


Estate chef Michael Pryor and estate sommelier Ronald Plunkett have curated a wine pairing experience that rivals many of the Michelin star meals that I’ve had. The food in and of itself is worth the trip, but when you add the amazing Signorello wines and high touch educational pairing, you leave feeling that you’ve experienced something much more meaningful than simply a well cooked meal. Being educated on the nuances of wine and food by a certified sommelier while enjoying courses meticulously designed to enhance and compliment the unique aspects of the wine instills that kind of special romance and decadence Napa Valley has become synonymous with.


If you’re looking for a one of a kind wine country outing. Look no further than Signorello’s Enoteca experience.

Learn more about it here


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