Breathtaking views and world class wines.


Off the beaten path in southern Napa…

For the wild at heart, exploring the quiet roads that twist through the vineyards and mountains of Napa Valley reveals a virtual treasure trove of hidden gems. Roughly 15 minutes southwest of downtown Napa, tucked neatly into the lazily rolling hills of Carneros lies one of wine country’s best kept secrets: Kieu Hoang Winery. Just off of Dealy Lane, a tiny unassuming stretch of road flanked by beautiful vineyards and well-manicured groves of Picholine olive trees, Kieu Hoang’s small estate boasts both world class wines and an elegant, yet restrained style of luxury in which to enjoy them.


The tasting room- defining minimalist luxury

The “wow” factor hits you the moment you enter the tasting room. Designed by renowned architect Howard Backen (an Architectural Digest AD100 visionary), it’s both spacious and modern. Boasting clean lines and rich dark wood… invoking that sense of farmhouse chic that can scarcely be found outside of wine country. It’s a unique concept of minimalist luxury that defines this winery.  Throughout the space, the walls are dotted with HD images of a beautiful Chinese woman. Her name is Li Bingbing. She’s not only an iconic actress in China, but is also the brand ambassador of Kieu Hoang Wines.

Just outside of the tasting room is a long patio overlooking row upon row of idyllic vineyards and tree dotted hilltops. It’s a relaxing scene of wine country splendor complete with plush couches, a soft Carneros breeze and a view so picturesque you may find yourself at a loss for words.



An owner passionate about both wine and wellness

The winery’s founder Mr. Kieu Hoang is a prolific American entrepreneur and philanthropist. For years, Mr. Hoang has been passionate about health focusing his research on improving quality of life via the very building blocks of longevity, healthy cells. As luck would have it, during the course of his research he discovered that healthy cells not only exist in humans, but also in red wine which showed high levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). Knowing now that wine not only improved life on an emotional level, but also on a physical one, the next obvious step was to strike out into the vines for himself.

Mr. Hoang purchased the Dealy Lane estate in 2014 from Michael Mondavi. He was drawn to the Mondavi name and the family’s on-going commitment to winemaking excellence. Michael’s father, Robert Mondavi, is considered one of the great visionaries of California winemaking. It was his technical improvements and marketing strategies that helped usher in a new era of so-called New World Wines, garnering worldwide acclaim for the now iconic Napa Valley.

World class wines

Even with a beautiful tasting room and breathtaking setting, at the end of the day a winery will be judged on the quality of its wines. Thankfully, it is here where Kieu Hoang perhaps excels the most. Under the direction of famed Napa winemaker Charles Hendricks, the wines impress across the board. Whether your palate prefers the silky dark fruit of the CaliW Cabernet Sauvignon, the baked apple and honey comb of the Estate Chardonnay, or the bold toasty oak and firm grip of the Gold Label flagship wine… there’s truly something for everyone. However these small production offerings are difficult to find outside of restaurant wine lists and the winery itself. All the more incentive to schedule a visit.


The tasting experience

As you approach the beautifully curated dark wood grain tasting bar, a smiling face will greet you with three customizable (a feature often overlooked at wineries) tasting options for you.


  • “Taste It” offers you three (3) wines from their California Collection (a red wine blend, cabernet sauvignon and syrah). – $15/person
  • “Discover” lets you select four (4) wines from Napa Valley Collection. – $30/person
  • “KH Reserve” encompasses six (6) wines of your choice from the entire Kieu Hoang portfolio.- $50/person

For any of the above tastings, it’s strongly recommended to book in advance. Book a tasting here.


Fun fact: A passion for fashion

Besides wine, Mr. Kieu Hoang also is intensely passionate about fashion. He has even created his own accessories brand, KHKMY. His line of luxury belts, handbags and scarves features a pattern which was inspired by how wine appears under a microscope. This very same pattern is carried throughout the rest of the winery interior’s décor, even onto the outdoor cushions on the patio.

If you’re visiting Napa Valley to partake in what has become known as the “wine country lifestyle”, there are few places that encapsulate it better than Kieu Hoang. Sipping hand crafted wines in a setting so pristine and unique doesn’t just leave in impression, it creates a memory.


Good to know:

  • The winery is open every day from 11am to 5pm.
  • The winery offers private tours of the property with advance notice. Contact them here.



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