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Paso Robles is located halfway between the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles–a place that merges the energies of both Northern and Southern California into one. The city is famous for its hot springs, the production of olive oil and a rapidly growing collection of top-notch wineries.  

When near Paso Robles and deciding how to spend a one-day visit, there’s no better choice than experiencing its amazing wineries. To make your planning process easier, we’ve mapped out an entire day’s itinerary, including three wine tastings and a lunch. With this travel plan in-hand, you’re sure to have an unforgettable journey!

Location: Paso Robles, California
Duration: 1 hr
Price: $15 per person

The Winery:

Eos, the Greek Goddess of Dawn, opened the gates of Heaven each morning allowing the sun to rise. Fiercely passionate, she was cursed by Aphrodite for having an affair with Ares. Her punishment was an insatiable appetite for young men. At Eos – the winery- they’re just as passionate as their namesake, but their insatiable appetite is more wholesomely geared towards the production of great wines. Since the mid-1980s, they have built their reputation on dense reds, complex whites and luscious dessert wines from well-known viticultural areas throughout the state.

The Tasting:

Your experience includes a selection of five (5) wines tasted in their private barrel room. A dedicated tasting attendant will describe each wine during the tasting.

Such a delicious tasting must have made you hungry? Lunch time!

  • Lunch Break: Peruvian cuisine at Mistura

: Paso Robles, California

Price: $11 – $30 per person
On the Menu: Modern Peruvian Cuisine

Mistura captures the multi-cultural spirit of Peru which embodies the country’s vibrant cuisine by blending its Native Pre-Columbian and Incas gastronomic heritage with Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese influences.  

: Paso Robles, California

Duration: 1hr 15min
Price: $40 per person

The Winery:

Using 100% French oak, the Hoage family craft their wines without racking, fining or filtering. The only time the wines are moved is during the bottling process. Their unique approach to winemaking has Spectator dubbing them one of Paso’s “Rhône Kings” and Robert Parker saying, “This is the kind of wine the Central Coast should be producing more of.”

The Tasting:

Private, seated tasting of premium and library selections in their Private Tasting Room.

: Paso Robles, California

Duration: 1hr
Price: $20 per person

The Winery:

Law Estate Wines is located on the west side of Paso Robles, high atop of Peachy Canyon Road. They focus on creating premium, Rhône-style wines which reflect their unique vineyard sites.

The Tasting:

Experience a tasting of their 2012 vintage wines in flight format inside the warm and inviting tasting room.

Your itinerary and map overview for the day:

Eos Estate Winery to Mistura: 5 min

Mistura to TH Estate Wines: 14 min
TH Estate Wine to Law Estate Wines: 19 min

Check out the itinerary here

And there you have it; the perfect one-day itinerary! You’ll spend less than an hour in the car during the day to visit all these different places.

But it’s only a drop of what the Paso Robles wine region has to offer. If you’d like to spend more time visiting the area and discover other great Paso Robles wineries, go to VinoVisit.com to see our favorite finds!

Enjoy your adventure!

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  • John says:

    Fun article! So many wineries in Paso, so little time! We’ve put together several Paso tours in recent years, yet we haven’t visited these wineries. Appreciate the reviews. One of our favorite Paso trips started here: http://wb.io/terryhoage

    Looking forward to reading about more of your experiences in Paso Robles. Cheers!

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