How to Perfectly Pair Wine & Veggies

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Generally, wine pairings are associated with meat and fish dishes: Cabernet and Beef Tenderloin, Sauternes and Foie Gras, Chardonnay and Salmon and so on.

But if you are a vegetarian, what wines should you pair with your meals? Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect food marriage with your favorite bottle of wine. Many people, including the non-meat eating population, aren’t aware that certain wines do pair very well with vegetarian dishes.

To make sure I got it right, I went straight to the horse’s mouth and asked several wineries for their best vegetarian pairings with their wines. So, from wine country to your kitchen, here are their mind blowing recipes and suggested wine pairings .

Bon appétit!

Spring Vegetable Poutine

Paired with Kendall-Jackson ‘Avant’ Sauvignon Blanc

Photo and Recipe Credits: Kendall-Jackson Blog

By Kelsey Boyte for Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Garden

Wine Pairing Philosophy, by Kendall-Jackson: 

Kendall-Jackson ‘Avant’ Sauvignon Blanc

Handcrafted and cold-fermented in stainless steel to preserve the grape’s alluring qualities, the Kendall-Jackson ‘Avant’ Sauvignon Blanc has fruit-forward aromatics layered with notes of lemongrass and subtle minerality. Its distinguished flavors of vibrant lime and passion fruit pairs perfectly with the Spring Vegetable Poutine. Altogether, you’ve got yourself an ‘ode to spring’.

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Vegetarian Flatbread Pizza

Paired with Markham Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Photo credit: Cake’n’Knife

By Markham Vineyards Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls

Wine Pairing Philosophy, by Markham Vineyards:

Markham Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2014

In this Citrus and Goat Cheese Flatbread, the lemon zest perfectly complements the ruby grapefruit notes of the Sauvignon Blanc, while the slight tang from the fresh goat cheese enhances the wine’s bright, clean finish.

For a variation try a Blue Cheese and Fig Flatbread which not only pairs really well with white wines, but is also a great accompaniment to Merlot – where the cherry fruit flavors of the wine are enhanced by the strong, creamy blue cheese and fleshiness of the fig.

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Garam Masala Baby Carrots with Pistachio Yogurt sauce

Paired with St. Supery Napa Valley, Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Semillon

Photo Credit: Food Network

By St. Supéry’s Culinary Team Ari Spiewak

Wine Pairing Philosophy, by St Supéry:

St. Supery Napa Valley, Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Semillon

The warm spices of cinnamon, cumin and coriander in the Garam Masala expertly highlight the wine’s exotic aromas of quince and marmalade. The sweetness of the carrots nicely balances this Semillon’s hints of lemony-custard and anise on the palate, while the creamy texture of the pistachio yogurt sauce perfectly mimics the round, full- bodied texture of the wine.

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Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Crispy Goat Cheese

Paired with TH Estate Wines “The 46” Grenache/Syrah 2013

Photo and Recipe Credit: A Beautiful Plate

By TH Estate Wines Team

Wine Pairing Philosophy, by TH Estate Wines: 

TH Estate Wines “The 46” Grenache/Syrah 2013

Syrah gives the blend a voluptuous mouth-feel with sultry undertones of smoke, game and spice while the Grenache adds lively acidity and jammy berry flavors. This wine will pair well with anything grilled or umami-like such as wild mushrooms or the subtle gamey notes of a goat cheese.

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Baked Spaghetti Squash with Garlic and Butter

Paired with Artesa Limited Release Chardonnay

Photo and Recipe Credit: The Steamy Kitchen

By Artesa Winery team

Wine Pairing Philosophy, by Artesa Winery: 

Artesa Limited Release Chardonnay

This Limited Release Chardonnay has lovely aromas of peach and honeysuckle, with mid-palate notes of Meyer lemon and vanilla bean. Baking the spaghetti squash will bring out its natural nutty flavor and creamy texture mirroring the touches of cream and toasted hazelnut in the wine’s finish. The richness of the butter and Parmesan sauté is beautifully balanced by the Chardonnay’s superb structure and bright acidity.

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Now you have five delicious vegetarian recipes, with the ideal wine pairing for each. Which one is your favorite?

And if you want to go further, opt for a vegan wine.

Have you ever heard about Vegan Wines?

Jen Metzler, from Omero Cellars who is a vegan herself, gave us a definition:

The concept of vegetarian / vegan wines is very foreign to most people, and understandably so. As it stands, ingredient labeling is not required in the US (nor is it commonly practiced – both in and outside the US), leaving consumers with no idea of what they are actually consuming.

There are over 70 additives and manipulations approved in the wine making process and several of these are animal products. Gelatin, Albumen (egg white), Milk products such as pasteurized whole, skim or half and half, Isinglass (fish bladders), Casein… just to name a few.

Vegans and non-vegans alike, all seem to be startled to learn this. A few of us at Omero Cellars are vegans ourselves, so we greatly understand and respect the level of heart, time, effort and money that goes into meal choices. We have chosen to put all ingredients right up on our front label–not because anyone is forcing us to, but because we genuinely believe that everyone has the right to know. We have demanded ingredient labeling on food for a reason – we care about what we are putting in our bodies.

We think that wine should be treated as food, after all it is being consumer and processed through our body. So why meticulously select foods that are of our diet/ beliefs /values/ preference, and then wash it down with a wine that is not?

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Now it is your turn to try these spectacular recipes in your kitchen!

We wish you a happy day filled with veggies and wine!

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  • Thanks for sharing this information! Though it is getting better, even many Sommeliers are at a loss when I ask them to pair wine with a vegan meal. It is exciting to see minds opening up and options becoming available.

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