5 Simple And Awesome DIY Ideas For Wine Lovers

Are you a wine lover? Do you like to craft your own decorations to spice up the holidays? Well, this article is for you. Don’t throw away your corks and bottles! Use these fun ways to turn your wine recyclables into art or gifts or both.

1. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Create your own eco-friendly cork Christmas trees! It’s super easy: you just need corks, a glue gun and a ribbon. You can even take it to the next level by painting them!

VinoVisit tree

Source: Sunny Slide Up 

2. Sequin Champagne Bottle

What a great way to surprise your friends during New Year’s Eve: serve them shiny champagne! To do so, simply spray some glue on the bottle, and then cover it with gold sequins. An easy task for an amazing result!

VinoVisit Champ

Source: Homesthetics

3. Wine Cork Letter

For this one, you will need quite a corks collection. Otherwise, drink up! You can purchase a giant wooden letter from arts and crafts stores, such as Hobby Lobby. Then, glue the corks so as to completely cover the letter. Job is done! You can do the same craft on multiple forms, like a heart or a star.

VinoVisit letter

Source: A Smith of All Trades  

4.  Painted bottle as a vase

Have you been overwhelmed by tons of empty wine bottles in the kitchen waiting to be recycled? Then reuse them as a decoration by customizing them! Put them into hot water to remove the label and the glue. Then, you can paint them with Enamel paint, which you can find in a hardware store. One fun use is to turn the painted bottles into flower vases! The result is surprisingly elegant.

VinoVisit vase

Source: Homesthetics

5. Cork Key

Nothing’s easier and the result is very cool. Plus, if you drop your key in water, it will float! All you need is a loop screw, a small key chain and a wine cork. 2 minutes and you’ll get a brand new and unique key chain!

VinoVisit keychain

Source: Morning Creativity 

There you have it: 5 quick ways you can do wine recycling in a fun and entertaining way. Plus, now you have even more reasons to drink more wine. You too can be a wine artist!

Louise Veron – louise@vinovisit.com

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Originally from Bordeaux (France), I moved to the Napa Valley to work for VinoVisit.com last February. I just finished my trilingual Master’s degree in Wine Tourism and International Marketing and graduated with honors. As a real food and wine lover, I’m enjoying exploring the area and relating my discoveries from a very French point of view.


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