5 Fun (and Easy!) Wine Crafts for Easter

VinoVisit wine craft easter

Easter is almost here! Looking for some ‘egg-ceptional’ decoration ideas to help celebrate the day? We’ve selected some cool crafts for the wine lovers that we know you are, so don’t toss out your wine bottles, corks or unused glasses– reuse them in a smart way with these five DIY décor projects for Easter.

1. Yarn Wrapped Bottles

So simple and yet so pretty! Why didn’t we think of this?

Source: Wedding Chicks

2. Wine Cork Candles

All you’ll need is acetone or denatured alcohol and some natural corks!

Source: A Subtle Revelry

3. Wine Glass Centerpieces

We all have those old wine glasses that we just don’t use anymore. Here’s a great way to repurpose them as a table ornament. What do you think?

Source: We Heart It

4. Flower Wine Glass Tags

When you have a lot of guests at a gathering, you’ll always have one or two who will lose their wine glasses. So here’s a (cute) solution– craft some personalized glass tags!

Source: All You

5. Wine Cork Chicks – Craft for Kids

Let’s not forget the kidos! Here’s a fun way for them to benefit from ‘Mommy’s juice’ by transforming your used corks into a handy tool to paint Easter chicks!

Source: Crafty Morning

There you have it! Five fun DIY projects using wine bottles and glasses for your Easter celebration.
What are your craft projects for Easter? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Originally from Bordeaux (France), I moved to the Napa Valley to work for VinoVisit.com in 2015. I just finished my trilingual Master’s degree in Wine Tourism and International Marketing and graduated with honors. As a real food and wine lover, I’m enjoying exploring the area and relating my discoveries from a very French point of view.



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