3 Items Every Wine Lover Needs to Travel

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Are you a wine lover and traveler but you can’t figure out how to bring your favorite wine companion along with you safely?

We have the solution for you. Here are 3 practical and stylish items conceived for the sole purpose of carrying your liquid poetry during your trips.

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1.   The Wine & Cheese Cooler for 2  $64  $57.60 

For your next romantic picnic

By Picnic at Ascot – This Compact Thermal Shield insulated wine and cheese cooler includes: acrylic glasses, napkins, corkscrew, bottle stopper, cheese knife, and hardwood cutting board. This unique set holds two bottles and can be used as a three bottle carrier with glasses removed. Available in an assortment of different colors.

Surprise your other half by taking them on a romantic escape in wine country!

2.   The Wine Carrier and Purse –  
$51   $45.90

Carry your wine in style

By Picnic at Ascot – One-of-a-kind high quality wine carrier that doubles as a clutch or evening cocktail purse. Great for parties and nights out on the town, this attractive hard sided purse safely carries one bottle of wine or champagne. The best part, it’s available in an assortment of different colors.

Impress your friends during your next girls’ night with this super fancy purse, only for wine lovers!

3.   The Wine Luggage  $269.99   $242.99

Protect your Wine when you travel

By VinGardeValise – A virtually indestructible wine carrying case that allows you to transport all of your precious wine bottles. The VinGardeValise can accommodate a full case (12 bottles) safely.

The perfect solution for all your next trips to wine country!

There you are. Thanks to these items, transferring your wine will be as easy as pie.
Happy wine traveling!

Louise Veron – louise@vinovisit.com
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at VinoVisit.com
Originally from Bordeaux (France), I moved to the Napa Valley to work for VinoVisit.com last February. I just finished my trilingual Master’s degree in Wine Tourism and International Marketing and graduated with honors. As a real food and wine lover, I’m enjoying exploring the area and relating my discoveries from a very French point of view.


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